What is a Sign War?

Sign wars are all in good fun. They're a way to get passersby a laugh or two, boost community morale, potentially bring in some more customers, and maybe even go viral. It all starts with one business with a letter sign calling out a neighboring business.

Currently, a sign war of epic proportions is happening in Christiansburg, Virginia. This one was started by a local music shop calling out Super Shoes. Then a Japanese restaurant, gas stations, and a church got involved! And the local businesses continue to grow and join in on the fun.

There's even a Facebook Group with over 20k members that you can join here to keep up with the ever-changing signs!

Michael Lee State Farm vs. Wendy's

On Main Street in Waterville, Maine a war is just beginning thanks to Michael Lee State Farm. This State Farm location is known for having witty signs over the years and for locals it's always worth a glance to see what they've come up with next.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now they're coming for the Wendy's across the street.

Wendy's is all-in slyly honoring their iconic square hamburger patties.

Main Street in Waterville has no shortage of businesses to jump in on the fun. Who will be next? McDonald's? Governor's? Dunkin'? First Congregational? Keep your eyes out because this is going to be epic!

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