Growing up on the farm back in what might be referred to as the 'old days', my mom had a few staples in the house that became the kind of a cure-all.

Chicken soup. It was good for almost anything that ailed ya! Now, I'm not real sure of the actual medical value, but I do know this: Mom made a heck of a pot of chicken soup so it certainly didn't hurt.

Then there was Vicks Vapo-Rub. It didn't matter what the medical malady was, Vicks would help. How many times did I crawl under the bed covers with Vicks under the nose or on the chest? I'm not sure but I'll bet the neighbors a half-mile down the gravel road could smell it.

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And then, if we went on a long road trip, there was 7-Up. Why 7-Up? Well, not exactly what might be called a 'home remedy', it was used in case of car sickness. Did it really work? Again I'm not exactly sure but it tasted good.

Every family probably had the go-to for a home remedy. Many were just wise tales but there are a lot of things in the kitchen that actually do work. compiled a number of things you have in the cupboard that can help with everything from a runny nose to rough sand-paper heels!

10 Home Remedies In Your Kitchen That Really Truly Do Work

So maybe the next time you take a trip to the grocery store you might pick up a few of these items. It could be cheaper than a trip to the Doc. Oh...and keep that garlic sealed in a zip lock bag, please.

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