There's nothing that says 'I love you' more than giving her a spendy ring shaped like a McDonald's Big Mac. This 18-karat gold ring could be yours without even stopping into our 3 St. Cloud area McDonald's restaurants!

From a distance it looks like a colorful, sparkly diamond ring. As you get a little closer it's obvious that it's a ring that looks just like a Big Mac sandwich. You know what they say -- The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach, right? (wait, that's a guy thing!)

So how do you get your chance at winning it? It's easy, just use #BlingMacContest in your tweets! McDonald's will pick their favorite tweet and then give that person the ring for Valentine's Day.

Of course you know that they'll be looking for tweets that show you've spent a couple bucks with them with a sandwich in front of you, so I guess stopping into one of the St. Cloud area McDonald's will likely increase your chances at winning.

Personally, I can't see my wife wearing this ring no matter how much it's worth. It'd be the equivalent of wearing the full-body bunny pajamas (A Christmas Story) you got as a gift. She'd probably have more excitement seeing what a pawn shop would offer her for it.

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