If you're looking for a job, don't settle. Why not work for the best company in the area? The self-proclaimed career expert website, Zippia, ranked St. Cloud companies using data to come up with a list of the top companies in town. This is their most recent ranking from 2019.

According to their website, "we hand-curated a list of the best companies to work for headquartered in and around St. Cloud, MN using data on salaries, company financial health, and employee diversity."

Without further ado, here are the top five best overall companies to work for in St. Cloud in terms of most diverse, best paying, and largest: 

1. DCI: ranked 4.6 stars

2. Anderson Trucking Service: ranked 4.4 stars

3. CentraCare Health: ranked 4.3 stars

4. St. Cloud State University: ranked 4.3 stars

5. Fulfillment Distribution Center: ranked 4.2 stars

If you're just looking for the best-paying jobs in the area, the ranking looks a little different. Here are the top-paying employers in St. Cloud:

1. Tenvoorde Ford

2. Anderson Trucking Service

3. CentraCare Health

4. Mathew Hall Lumber Co.

5. DCI

If you're looking for more diversity in the workplace, the best companies overall are;

1. DCI

2. City of St. Cloud

3. CentraCare Health

4. St. Cloud State University

5. Fulfillment Distribution Center

If you'd like to work for the biggest employers in the area, the top 5 are;

1. CentraCare Health

2. St. Cloud State University

3. Consumer Directions

4. DCI

5. Spee-Dee Delivery Service

Happy job hunting & good luck!


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