ST. CLOUD -- The National Weather Service says we officially had 3.2 inches of snow in St. Cloud on Saturday.  Combined with Friday's snowfall and we've officially had 4.2 inches over the weekend so far.

(This is the official snowfall total taken by the National Weather Service at the St. Cloud Regional Airport.  Individual results in your backyard may vary.)

With more snow falling on Sunday, we will be adding to the total.

We're now at 13 inches of snow for the month of April.  That makes this the 4th snowiest April on record in St. Cloud.

Snowiest April's in St. Cloud:
1).  24.4" in 2013
2).  15.6" in 1928
3).  15.3" in 2002
4).     13" in 2018
5).     12" in 2014
6).   11.1" in1950
7).  10.9" in 2008
8).     10" in 1909
9).    9.4" in 1991
10).  9.4" in 1961

For the entire season, we've now officially had 60.9 inches of snow.  That's still not enough for us to crack the top ten snowiest seasons on record in St. Cloud.  But, we are 16.3 inches above normal for the winter.

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