ST. CLOUD (WJON News) - A local organization is looking to instigate change in the community through a pay-it-forward approach.

Archangel Recovery & Reintegration Ministry is a one-stop-shop organization to help people who are struggling, recover and get back on their feet.

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Founder Alex Kempe says their goal is to break away from the “cookie cutter” approach and create a specific program for each individual they serve.

Our main focus are those struggling financially, emotional or mental health, addiction, homelessness. We want to cater to those individuals so we can get them on the right path and use those road maps others have traveled to help get them out of the darkness.

Kempe says their programming is designed for a year and includes counseling, recovery meetings, spiritual services and other community resources.

He says they believe by helping one person, that person can then pay-it-forward by mentoring others going through similar situations.

We want this to be a community sourced, community supported program so people have an investment in it. We are going to this community into the best it can possibly be.


Kempe says they were recently gifted space inside the 5 Star Community to help grow their programming. He says a majority of their programming is underway in the new facility, with more to come in the near future.

Kempe says after starting the organization out of his home, they are grateful to have a space to grow their services.

He says their goal is to one day build their own year-round facility to continue to carry out their mission of "help one, help all."

To learn more about Archangel Recovery and Reintegration Ministry you can visit their website or call 320-348-0990.

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