You have a baby and they get dirty, right?  So, what do you do?  You break out the baby wipes and clean them up.  They are quick, easy and super handy.  Then you just close up the portable pack and voila, you are good to go!  I mean, how convenient, right?

But what happens when you see your child with some sort of rash?  You figure they probably got into something, or they have diaper rash, or maybe they are allergic to some food or even the sheets they are sleeping on.  You change the detergent and try all sorts of different things for diaper rash.. .come to find out that it just might be the thing you are cleaning up your child with... the baby wipes.

They were using the top two brands in the study- Huggies and Cottonelle.  And as soon as they stopped using the wipes, the rash and reactions that the kids had cleared up within a couple of days.

I say use the natural wipes.  Try some that don't have a certain preservative in them illustrated in the video.  Man... how are you even supposed to know??  Scary.

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