UNDATED -- A New report ranks all 87 counties in Minnesota on their overall health.  The report was put together by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Carver County has been ranked as the overall healthiest, and Mahnomen County is the least healthiest.  For our tri-counties, Sherburne County is #13 on the list, Stearns County is #32 and Benton County is #58.

Adults who smoke:
13% in Sherburne County
15% in Stearns County
16% in Benton County

Adult Obesity: 
27% in Stearns County
29% in Sherburne County
31% in Benton County

Excessive Drinking:
23% in Stearns County
24% in Benton County
25% in Sherburne County

Some College:
74% in Sherburne County
74% in Stearns County
70% in Benton County

Children in single-parent household
22% in Stearns County
29% in Stearns County
30% in Benton County

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