The end of Daylight Saving Time is Sunday. Starting at 2am we all set of clocks back one hour. Well, except for smart phones and devices. Those things do it themselves.

The only good about a time change again is at least this one gives us an extra hour of sleep. But it still messes up our internal clocks. So how did this start?

Daylight Savings Time started after World War One as an attempt to save energy and make better use of daylight. And it wasn't accepted easily. It was a decision left up to the states but most went with the federal government 'suggestion'. Only Arizona and Hawaii being the two that said thank you but no thank you.

Daylight saving time
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So why do the rest of us still do it? There are so many negative health aspects to it according to WebMD. It messes with our internal clock. And of course it's worse in the spring than in the fall. Study's show it increases car accidents, negatively affects children in school and earlier sunsets affect business and the economy.

Sure, there is a natural time change anyway but it's a slow change that allows our bodies and brains to adjust.

Now when I say stop doing this I mean pick one or the other. Now I prefer later sunsets but just stop changing clocks twice a year.

More and more people are in favor of getting rid of it. There is a movement trying to end it. You can sign petition at or

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