If you're left-handed then you know this is a right-handed world. Every day things can be a challenge that others don't understand. It's about time we get a break!

I'm a lefty, and have always been jealous of right-handed people. My brother was a lefty when he was young and was forced to be right-handed after breaking his left wrist as a kid. In some ways I wish I'd have been forced to be dominate right when I was younger as well.

Every day challenges include:

  • Getting ink smear on your hand when writing, which also smears ink on the paper.
  • Spiral notebooks leave the spiral imprint on your hand. Using a three ring binder is just impossible.
  • You always have to bring your own baseball glove, cause nobody has an extra 'lefty' glove.
  • Cutting with a scissors is near impossible, especially if it's fabric.
  • Hand-held can openers - not even worth trying.
  • Sitting with others - we have to sit on the far left or we'll bump elbows when eating or drinking.

Finally there's some hope for us, at least when it comes to education. There's scholarships out there specifically for us lefties!

I recently heard about lefty scholarships here, and it's certainly not a free ride, but any little bit helps. Not sure if we should consider it a disability or a unique feature, but it's about time we get recognized for living our life through it.

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