This guy could be on to something. Terry Robinson on Facebook recently suggested that seniors might want to consider moving into a Holiday Inn (I imagine other hotels would work as well) instead of a nursing home. Now this, of course, would not work if constant nursing care is required. But here's how he breaks it down.

When you combine senior discount with the extended stay discount the average Holiday Inn price in his area is about $60. Compare that to the average nursing some cost of $188 per day. Holiday Inn's also have pools, workout rooms, cable, free soap/shampoo and factor in the maid service that will make your bed and take out the trash.

Think Stock

Family would probably want to come and visit you more often at a Holiday Inn instead of a nursing home because you have a pool and they can get a room in the same hotel. And if you get sick of the area/hotel, you can always relocate to another hotel. He's got some other good reasons why. Check it out below.