When you go to Cash Wise or Coborns, have you noticed more men in the grocery store? According to Men's Health, there's a reason. Who does it in your household?

Men's Health Magazine released a study that found that out of 1,021 male adults ages 18 and older (57% married/living with partner, 43% single) claim they do most of the grocery shopping for their home, a big difference from 10 years ago where it was only 65%.

They also found that two-thirds (66%) of men who are married or living with a partner use grocery lists often or all the time. You can guarantee that remaining 1/3 come home forgetting something crucial to dinner plans that night!

In the same study, they found that 93% of guys have made themselves dinner, and 77% have cooked for more than themselves.

After thinking about it, I DO see more men than ever before when I'm grocery shopping. Many times, it's with their significant other. That's how my wife and I shop most of the time, equally. It's a great excuse to get out of the house!

Let's see if this is similar here in central Minnesota. I'd like to know who does most of the grocery shopping in your home. We'll post the final results later this week.

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