Last week we asked who does the majority of grocery shopping in your home. The results are in, and central Minnesota is not with the majority of the country.

As I told you in the original story, Men’s Health Magazine released a study that found that out of 1,021 male adults ages 18 and older (57% married/living with partner, 43% single) claim they do most of the grocery shopping for their home, a big difference from 10 years ago where it was only 65%.

They also found that two-thirds (66%) of men who are married or living with a partner use grocery lists often or all the time. You can guarantee that remaining 1/3 come home forgetting something crucial to dinner plans that night!

We asked our listeners to tell us who grocery shops in their household, and the results are not even close to the Men's Health study nationwide. Here's the results:

15% - My wife does
23% - We both equally do
30% - I do (female)
23% - I do (male)

So the bottom line is that females in the household still do more grocery shopping in this area. There are more guys that do the shopping than I thought there would be honestly. Like I said in the previous story, I've never seen so many men in the grocery store when I'm there. Now if we could just get some closer parking...maybe a few "Dad with Kids" dedicated parking spots?

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