On one side of the family room, there will be green. He has Eagles socks, underwear, pajamas, t-shirts, jersey's, hats, stocking caps, watches, blankets, pillows, and even this ridiculous thing on top of his head. But I will not be intimidated.

I will be wearing everything purple while sitting on the sofa with my Vikings blanket and my Vikings pillow, drinking out of my Vikings cup.

Jay grew up not far from Philadelphia, so he loves all of his Philly teams. And living with a huge Eagles fan hasn't really been a big deal. Until now.

The Vikings take on the Eagles Sunday afternoon at 5:40 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly. While it would be fun to be there, it will also be fun to be in our family room. We've waited a LONG time for a game exactly like this one.

Go Vikings!

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