I have a list of places in Minnesota that I need to visit. I've now added The Lands End Pasty Company. I read about them recently, and just looking at the photos makes me hungry.

So what, exactly, is a pasty? It's a hand-held pot pie, traditionally with meat, potatoes and vegetables. However, they can be made with just about anything. A fun little addition is the bit of apple pie at the end of each pie. There's quite a long history of the pasty. You can read about that here. 

Some will tell you that the Lands End Pasties are the best in Minnesota. Yet another reason to visit, and decide for yourself. Finding it, however, is a challenge in itself. That's why I'm including this photo:

Lands End Pasty Company

They're located in Dinkytown at the end of the hallway between Shuang Cheng and Varsity Bike and Transit. Look for the maroon awning that reads "Dinkydale".

Lands End Pasty Company

You'll find a variety of flavors, including vegetarian. Check out the menu here.

Have you been there? What do you think- are they the best in Minnesota?

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