There are many great organizations that help a lot of people for many different things but any organization that focuses on feeding people rises to the top for me.

People need to eat. No matter if they need shelter, education, a job, help with health issues or whatever else it might be, people need to eat. You can’t survive without food. And lack of food makes trying to help those other issues much more difficult.

Going hungry is bad enough for adults but not having enough to eat for children is even worse. And there are too many children in our own community going without food too often.

That’s why an organization like Feeding Area Children Together (FACT) exists. They want to make sure kids in school, that have trouble getting food, get it.

Alli and I spoke with Sara and Suzanne from FACT on Monday morning and they told us about what they do, how many children are affected in our schools and how you help these children. I encourage you to listen and help if you can.