I've seen my share of MOH speeches.  I've given a MOH speech too.  Mine was not nearly as good as this was.

Honeymoon Testers Attempt To Break Wedding Vow Record In Queensland
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I feel like the time of coolness at weddings is now.  When I got married 18 years ago, i feel like we were really going against the trend.  And now it seems like we were super boring or traditional.  The mother/ son dances are super fun, so are the father/ daughter dances.  Mine was "normal".

I would love to give one of these speeches.  Best one I have seen. SO FUN!

If you are having to give one of these speeches in the near future... get to thinking of something creative and cool.  This HAD to have taken a lot of planning.  A lot!


 What's the best one you've seen... or have you given a great one?