Last week we wrapped up the 79th installment of Dream Getaway. For those who might not know, Dream Getaway is the contest where we team up with Bursch Travel and giveaway as we like to call it, “The trip of a lifetime”.  

We give out codewords three times throughout each weekday and listeners get those words and then enter them in on our mobile app or website. 

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It only takes one word to win, but obviously the more words you have entered, the better your odds.  

On Friday morning, we dialed the number of Jeff in South Haven. It’s always a bit risky calling someone at 6:15 in the morning, you never know if they’re sleeping or not. But Jeff answered quickly. He admitted he was surprised to see our number come up on his phone and couldn’t believe it. 

Photo Credit: Paul Shea Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Paul Shea Townsquare Media

Jeff told us he’s been playing Dream Getaway since the very first one and was stunned he finally won. Jeff and his wife are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this year, and initially he thought they may use the winnings toward a trip they were already planning to visit the Northeast; Maine, Vermont etc.  

When Jeff stopped by to pick up his prize, he said after some thought, they would probably use this trip next year, possibly heading to Alaska during the summer of 2025. 

If you want to be like Jeff and move into the elite category called “Dream Getaway Winners”, we will have our 80th Dream Getaway Contest coming in late August.  

Remember if you download our station’s mobile app, and then turn on the contest alerts, in addition to the three codewords we giveaway each day on the air, we’ll send you a bonus code every weekday afternoon.  

Those codes can pay off bigtime, because it was a bonus codeword that landed Jeff his place in Central Minnesota lure of being a Dream Getaway Winner.  

Congratulations to Jeff, and Happy Anniversary to he and his wife.  

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