The holiday season is almost here... and if you walk into some store you'd think it was here like RIGHT NOW!  But it's really just beginning.  If you have kids that you need to buy for, and you are at a loss as to what is a good toy, and what isn't, I found this little guide to help you out.


These are some of the toys that have been tested by the people who would be playing with them. From babies to toddlers to young kids...these were the results.

From Oombeeball to Woodland Friends (Cabbage Patch Kids are back) to Inflatable Tents that just use a box fan and more, there is info on what the good things are, price and where to buy.  Some of these toys seemed a bit pricey, while others seemed very affordable.  But let's be honest... the really little ones many times will just prefer the box.

At least now, you do have some sort of a guide to help you with your kid holiday shopping duties.