Imagine being a small business owner. Imagine you put your entire life savings into that business. Then, from out of nowhere, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic hits the country and turns everything on its head. The next thing you know you’re completely shut down.

Now you have no customers which, of course, means you have no income. And then, to add insult to that injury, a protest in the area turns violent and a riot breaks out. The riot results in multiple buildings destroyed including your small business.

That happened to a lot of small business owners in the Twin Cities including Korboi Balla. KB is a Brooklyn Center firefighter and the owner of a local bar in Minneapolis called Scores Sports Bar. It was a dream of his to start his own business. Last weekend he saw that dream burn to the ground.

After he lost everything he did what a lot of people do, he set up a GoFundMe page. The goal was set at $100,000 but the kindness and generosity of complete strangers as far exceeded that. So far over 37,000 people have donated over $1.1 million dollars to help KB rebuild.

KB is not alone. Many more have lost everything and you can help that community get back on its feet in many different ways. Get more information on how you can help at or



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