Tonight carries the chance of the northern lights being visible as far south a Central Minnesota. While there is never a guarantee, recent solar activity has raised the likelihood on the 'Pete Scale' to -- worth staying up and taking a peek.


The 'green line' passes right through the St. Cloud area which likely means, maybe we will and maybe we won't.

One night in my life (so far) I had the opportunity to experienced a full-fledged overhead display of the northern lights when I lived in Montana. Red and green dancing brilliance in the sky.

I have two rules in my life, 1) Never miss a chance to see the northern lights, and 2) Never miss a chance to see Kid Rock in concert. (Full disclosure, I might have a couple more rules; stay tuned.)

Good luck. The farther out you are from city lights -- the better chance you will have to take in any displays of the Aurora Borealis.