It was one year ago when my Godson, Jesse, committed suicide. He was a son to a mom who loved him very much, a husband to an amazing wife, and a father to two fantastic kids. Jesse was kind and humble. He was the sort of guy who would stop and help every single turtle he came upon, to cross the road safely. He loved all animals. He loved his family and his friends. And he struggled with depression and other mental health issues that eventually broke him.


When Jesse died, someone said to me, "Suicide is a selfish act." It's not. If anything, in the mind of the one who takes their own life, it’s a selfless act. Jesse would have never intentionally hurt anyone.  If you don't understand depression, mental health issues and the heartbreaking situations that come with it, please read about it, talk to people and learn to know the signs. If you are fortunate to not have a loved one who suffers, please learn to be compassionate with those who do.


When you walk in the Out of the Darkness Walk this Saturday, you join the effort with hundreds of thousands of people across the country to raise awareness and funds that allow the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to invest in new research, create educational programs, advocate for public policy, and support survivors of suicide loss.

Here's the information you need to join the walk this Saturday in St. Cloud:

Walk Date: 09/29/2018
Walk Location: Lake George - St. Cloud, MN
Check-in/Registration Time: 8:30 am
Walk Begins: 10:00 am
Walk Ends: 11:30 am

For more information, you can click here. 

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