This is one bandwagon that I will NOT be jumping on.  No way.  I love my dog, but this is absolutely carrying things a bit too far.  In fact it gets a great big... REALLY??


Pawdicures.  Yes.  Pawdicures.  You and your dog get matching nail polish.  And it's actually turned into a thing.  There are other radio people that are embracing this deal.  Not here in St. Cloud, (I'd have to call them out now) but in Texas... you know, everything is bigger in Texas.


This chick even posted pics.  I guess, to each their own... I just will not be doing this.  But I feel like all the other pit bull/boxers will be making fun of her!!  Well, dogs shouldn't be bullying either, right?  But hey, here we are talking about it, so more power to her~

And actually, I think I need to get my dogs nails trimmed.....





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