Last Wednesday, April 5th, I made my weekly drive from Sartell to St. Stephen for a weekly poker night. The temperature was in the lower 30's and there was snow getting blown by the wind into big drifts on Pine Cone Road and 30th Avenue. It was a nightmare and, to make it worse, it was happening in April!

Fast forward to today, just one week later, and there is no more snow to speak of. The temperature is in the 70's and we will be playing cards on the outdoor patio this week. The Minnesota Public Radio Facebook page shared this pair of images taken by photographer Andrew Krueger in West Saint Paul:

Yeah, I'd say that about sums it up. It's been interesting to dress my kid the last few days as well. It's warm enough for shorts, but breezy enough to worry about him getting chilly in shady areas. Plus, it is really muddy and messy in the lawn so wearing the good tennis shoes is not a solid idea. In the end, you wind up with an outfit that looks like this:


Sweatshirt on top, t-shirt underneath with makeshift 'shorts' and winter boots without socks. I couldn't have summed it up any better myself.

The snowblower and shovels have been put away, the trampoline assembled and placed in the backyard. Spring is here... or IS IT?! 

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