They're known as  the "Felony Lane Gang" and they seem to be traveling all over the country. There have been news stories from New York, North Carolina, many other states, and now a story from Fargo.

This group was in the Fargo/Moorhead area last year and it seems they may be back. Victims are usually women who get out of their car without a purse. The thieves then smash the car window and steal a purse or whatever is inside. They arrested seven people in Fargo last year.

The police also said they target vehicles that are typically driven by women and often found parked in public parks, youth sporting facilities, fitness centers and daycare centers. Also, "mom-driven" vehicles in hopes that women would be more likely to leave a purse or wallet behind because they're busy with the kids.

Local police in Fargo are reminding people that it's always a good idea to remove all valuables from your car, even if it's locked. More on the story here. 


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