It's safe to say the country is in an uproar this holiday season over the classic Christmas song "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

With questionable lines of motive between the man and woman in the song -- like "I really can’t stay,” and “But baby, it’s cold outside," or “Say what's in this drink?”, “The answer is no” and “I've gotta get home," -- some have wondered if this song conveys the wrong message during the #MeToo era.

After one radio station in Cleveland received a complaint from a listener and decided to scrap the song, other stations began following suit. What they didn't expect was the even bigger outcry from listeners who took no qualm with the song or its lyrics. Some of those station -- after turning to their listeners for feedback -- even overturned their own ban on "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

Well, we may not play Christmas music on on-air (though you can find it streaming at our website!), but I thought I'd turn to our Central Minnesota listeners to see what the general consensus is. Take the survey below and share your opinion!