The apple of your eye is celebrating a birthday and you would like to show them how important this day is. We are all on a budget and have plenty to do. So, how do we put together a super fun party and stick to a budget?

Munsinger Gardens and Clemens Gardens

City of St. Cloud

We all mean to get here every summer and this is your chance. Munsinger Gardens and Clemens Gardens are beautiful but best of all – they’re free! Host a birthday party in either when the gardens are open from spring until the fall, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Use the picnic rest areas as a base from which to serve birthday cake and snacks. Give each child a disposable camera to take pictures and to take home as party favors. Kids will love discovering flowers, bugs and more and there’s a path along the Mississippi River outside the gardens where kids can run and play games.

Atwood Memorial Center

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There are a lot of little-known services offered on the St. Cloud State University Campus, and this is one of them. You’ll get a lot of bang for the buck in the Underground at the Atwood Memorial Center. Cake, bowling and a Birthday Coordinator (yes!) are standard but you can add more fun (without a whole lot more cost) with pizza, bowling, foosball, table tennis, billiards, darts and more. Decorations are included and parking is free.

Lake George

City of St. Cloud

Wow! This place is great and there’s so much to do. In addition to the lake, Eastman Park has top-notch playground equipment and every kid loves the splash pad. You can rent space indoors or out to set up your party goodies and the vast space this park covers can take you from the paddle boats on the lake to the tennis courts and all places in between.


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The birthday package here is a great deal because not only do you get tickets to use for Go-Karts, Bumper Boats or Kid Kountry and lunch (with ice-cream!), you also score an unlimited Waterslide Pass. That's exactly what kids at Summerland want to do – go down the waterslide and go down the waterslide and again.

Air Maxx Trampoline Park

Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

Kids love to bounce and, with a birthday package, you get to jump around,use of the party room, pizza, cupcakes, something special for the birthday boy or girl. The real bonus here, though, is a bunch of tired kids and every parent knows that is priceless.

So, there’s our list but what do you think? Know of a good place for kid’s birthday parties in St. Cloud?