These are showing up all over the country, including Minnesota, and it's not as innocent as you may think!

If you saw the movie "It" then you know exactly what it is. A scene in the blockbuster movie shows a red balloon tied to a sewer grate to signify where the creepy clown, Pennywise, spends a lot of time.

Pranksters are attempting to scare people by bringing the movie to life in a safe way, by tying these red balloons to sewers.

Police are calling it a harmless prank, even though it's technically littering. They're taking it much lighter than the creepy clown scare that was happening around the country last year, where college campuses were on alert for creepy clowns with weapons. St. Cloud State even had incidents of those creepy clowns roaming the campus area.

For those who see this balloon tied to a sewer in the St. Cloud area and didn't see the movie, it may confuse you and might have you worried that a child fell into the sewer. If you saw the movie then you'll likely get a chuckle out of it and move along.

I have a feeling this is just the start of some freaky "clown related" things to come as we lead up to Halloween in the next 45 days...

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