I would be the first one to jump in a time machine. The hard part would be deciding what year to travel back to. There are so many great options!

Part of me would just want to go back about 30 years and spend more time with my grandparents and other family members. Another part of me would take a trip back to Greece around 400 BC, London in the 14th century, the old west here in the United States, New York City in the roaring 20's or 1969 and Woodstock!

But, what would we miss the most if we could travel back in time? According to a survey, here's the list!

1. Toilets that flush. Depending on how far back you're going, this could be a stinky issue.

2. The internet. We would actually have to ask questions to real people.

3. Central heating and air conditioning. Wow, we've really gotten soft over the years.

4. Televisions. We are addicted.

5. Smartphones. Kind of surprised that wasn't number one.

Others on the list include: Supermarkets, not being able to travel by plane, cars, your laptop and Wi-Fi.

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