The other day I posted a story about a few Linkedin postings looking to hire workers for a Sonic location in St. Cloud. Well, it turns out that St. Cloud IS getting a Sonic location, but there are few details known at this time.

Bob Franke is the CEO of Zena Partners, the owners of the five current Minnesota Sonic Drive Ins. He commented on our post:

Yes we are looking for the right property to build in, and Sonic Drive In will be in the St. Cloud area.

He added that the closest current location is located on Carson Street in Elk River. We have reached out to Mr. Franke and will provide more details when we get them.


Whenever a new restaurant opens in St. Cloud we get a flood of comments from people pining for a Sonic Drive In restaurant to come to town. Well, it appears that the wait might soon be coming to a close.

There is currently a job posting on Linkedin looking to hire a General Manager for Sonic in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I would imagine hiring the GM would be one of the first steps taken if they were planning on coming to town, right?

As a SONIC Drive-In restaurant General Manager, you are indeed a general-leading your troops in a never-ending campaign to give America an infinitely more delicious food service experience. You will be involved in training and supporting drive-in restaurant employees, ensuring that food is delivered in a clean, safe and efficient manner and our customers have an excellent experience.

In addition to the job posting for the GM role, there are also listings for folks interested in becoming a cook, crew member or a skating carhop. That's the one that I want!

Being a Carhop (aka super cool food server) is like being an astronaut, only you work in a drive-in restaurant instead of space, and the food's way better. You're responsible for serving and delivering that food safely and efficiently, ensuring our guests have a truly out-of-this-world experience at SONIC Drive-In restaurants.

While we don't have any solid confirmation that Sonic is coming to town, the hiring of employees would seem to be a strong indicator.

Do you have what it takes to run a Sonic restaurant... or at least have what it takes to strap on some rollerskates and sling slushies? If so, Sonic is looking for your application!

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