There was a lot of emotion following the 2019-2020 season for the Minnesota Vikings. And it was all too familiar, with feelings of sadness, disappointment, and anger. 

The season concluded with a 27-10 dismantling by the hands of the Niners, a team that made the Vikings look entirely unprepared and outmatched.

When the dust had finally started to settle, new thoughts and feelings began to arise -- at least for certain Vikings personnel. 

What to do with players, coaches, and management, along with their contracts and future with the team, became all the talk amongst the fan base.

And much of that landed on three individuals that are not only a big part of the money side, but the immediate future side as well.

And those three were Kirk Cousins, Mike Zimmer, and Rick Spielman.

The opinions on all three of them covered the entire spectrum. Should the contracts of Cousins, Zimmer and Spielman be left alone and allowed to play out? Or should you extend some or all of them? 

We saw Kirk Cousins be the first to answer that for the organization as he was extended.

Then it was announced today that Mike Zimmer's contract would be extended. For how long is unknown right now. But the fact that he was extended tells you how the organization not only feels about Zim as a coach but how they feel about bringing in a new one and starting the process all over again.

That leaves Rick Spielman as the only major lame-duck contract remaining. If no new deal is reached and the Vikings say, hypothetically, win a Super Bowl. How much would he want after that?

But this is reality, and right now, Rick Spielman is the only main guy with no contract extension to go to the dance with. 

Not a great place to be. 

But since Zimmer got his extension, Spielman will most likely get one as well. Then Cousins, Zimmer, and Spielman will ride this out together and if the ship sinks, they all sink with it.

Let's hope the ship does not sink.

Details are not known yet but there are rumors, as always.

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