I'll be honest, I absolutely hate being lied to. Most of us feel the same way. Here's some sure-fire ways to know if you're getting a line of B.S.

As my wife and I had dinner and drinks in Waite Park last night, conversation with a table near us started. We could tell the guy that wouldn't shut up was getting more full of it as the minutes passed. We looked up the sure signs of a liar and he fit about every one of them!

I wanted to make sure and bookmark the website (shareally.net) so I could share this with you. Here's a few of the most obvious signs to look for:

  1. Watch the throat. When somebody is nervous, their throat gets stuffy and thick. Constant gulping or clearing the throat are common.
  2. Nose touching. A person will touch their nose much more than normal.
  3. Covering or touching their mouth. It's almost like they're trying to protect a lie from coming out, even though they're already lying.
  4. Body leaning. Generally a person will lean in toward you when they are having a truthful, normal conversation. When they're hiding something or lying, they tend to lean away from you.

There's a few more body "tells" to oust a liar, but these were the easiest and most obvious and seem to work for me most of the time. Be careful to only look for these signs when you're suspect of someone, and not in every conversation you have. You'll quickly become a bad listener.

I should note that in text or email conversation...you're out of luck!

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