Lately we've seen a lot of things like "Winter Storm Warning" or "Hazardous Weather Alert" or something like that.

Good news! After last week's cold, snowy and well...typical January type weather, I can finally issue a "Warmer Weather Watch". And it's in effect from Wednesday until...well, whenever it stops.

Finally, I'm so happy warmer weather is on the way. Compared to the last several days, it will be down right balmy. But be warned, it just might lead to shorts and Hawaiian shirts for some people. I've seen it before so don't be surprised.

Low to mid 30's start Wednesday and will be like that for quite a few days to come. Sure, one or two days might "only" be in the mid to upper 20's. But according to the forecast for the next  7 - 10 days, it's going to be much better than it's been lately. Even the lows are going to be better than what we've had for high's.

So until the next cold snap...enjoy it while it lasts.

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