So, this is always the question that I hear the most.  What are we going to get mom for Mother's Day?  Flowers?  Again?  A spa day?  I remember being a kid, and we would give my mom little "coupons".  They were usually for chores around the house, or whatever she may need and she could use them randomly throughout the year.  It was cool.  But as an adult, what do you get mom?


Here is the answer.... SLEEP!!  Most moms these days would really just like a good night's sleep.  Doesn't sound like that much to ask for, but apparently it is.  A mom these days has a job outside of the home, works all day, comes home to a family that is demanding.  Not that the family demands are out of the ordinary, but it's just the normal day to day living...and sleep tends to be the thing that falls to the wayside.


 So now.... what are you going to get your mom for Mother's Day?