What infuriates you more - when you hold the door open for somebody and they don't say thank you, or when somebody doesn't hold the door open for you?

That was one question recently included in a poll of nearly 3.5k adults.

By and large, the majority (74%) said that somebody not saying thank you was more infuriating; 72% of men and 76% of women agreed. Only 13% said the door not being held open for them was more infuriating, though surprisingly more men said so (14%) than women (12%). The remaining 13% said they didn't know which was more infuriating.

I surveyed our listeners with a similar poll on Facebook.

Here were the results:
Someone not saying thank you is more upsetting -- 33%
Someone not holding the door for you is more upsetting -- 66%

Honestly, I'm surprised by the results. I'm definitely in the 33% who would rather hear thank you for holding the door open for someone. Then again, maybe the results are reflective of a gender preference; 100% of those who responded were women.

Which do you find more infuriating/upsetting?