I'm an ice cream lover--especially in the winter. There's something about enjoying a cold treat in the cold weather that's so satisfying. Now, with Valentine's Day coming up, I always like to order a heart-shaped Valentine's Day ice cream cake. Unfortunately for St. Cloud residents, our 3 closest Dairy Queen restaurants are closed.

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The DQ at 501 North Benton Drive closed its doors seasonably early in 2021, and they haven't announced an opening date for 2022 yet.

Historically, the St. Cloud Dairy Queen at 24 25th Avenue South has opened up at the end of February.

And, even though the Red Barn DQ on Highway 10 is under new ownership and announced it would be open year-round, it's closed for a remodel project. There's no word on when those projects will be complete.

So, where does that leave St. Cloud residents who desperately want to keep their ice cream cake tradition alive this Valentine's Day?

Luckily, there are a few other locations that are open in our area right now according to Dairy Queen's official website. You'll just have to drive a bit farther for your Valentine.

  • 600 East Elm Street in Annandale
  • 720 Nelson Drive in Cleartwater
  • 880 Highway 23 East in Cold Spring
  • 331 7th Street South in Albany
  • 624 South Cedar Street in Royalton

Good luck tracking down your ice cream cake and happy eating! We'll make sure to let you know when St. Cloud's 3 closest locations will announce opening dates.

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