Walmart has a reputation for the most interesting customers, but I never thought one of the craziest 'people of Walmart' stories would come straight out of Sartell, Minnesota! If I saw this story without the location of where it happened, I'd have guessed Arkansas or Georgia...but NOT Sartell.

If you've been looking for Edward Leroy Wilson of Sauk Centre the last couple days, you probably should look in the Stearns County Jail. If they have a special section for those with the IQ equivalent to a domesticated turkey, then you'll easily find him there.

Last Monday evening, at the Walmart in Sartell, a vehicle owner remote started their car to let it warm up while they were checking out. This is something many of us have done before without thinking twice about it. This time though, the dualling banjos were playing nearby.

Edward Wilson managed to enter the running vehicle and drive away with it, all the way to Isle, Minnesota. Given that he didn't have the keys, I'm not sure how he was able to even drive it since most vehicles with the remote starter running will shut off when the brake is pushed. At some point, all the way in Isle, Edward put the car in park and that's when it shut off. This is where he thought he was smart, but obviously didn't think this one through.

A woman with Wilson called vehicle owner claiming they were from "Safe Light Auto Glass" and needed to return the vehicle to her, but needed "Northstar" (not OnStar) to start the vehicle remotely, so he could get it back to her. We'd all love a free windshield replacement without even ordering it, but probably would like to know about it first, or something would seem fishy (unless you're this clown, Edward Wilson).

The vehicle owner was able to talk Wilson into telling him the address so he could get it started with "Northstar", and the Isle police department was there in minutes. Wilson tried to tell the police he was replacing the windshield, but being that nobody is that stupid...they read him his rights and took him to jail.

Edward is now facing up to 5-years in prison and 2 felonies for this stupid crime. Why did this have to happen in Sartell? There's plenty of other "Walmart" locations that would make you think "this doesn't surprise me". Oh well, there's one in every crowd...even Sartell.

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