This is a thing, apparently.  I hadn't heard of it until recently, but neighborhoods are doing this "booing" thing for Halloween.  It's all in good fun, but with the way people are right now, if you rang the wrong doorbell, you could be in for a world of hurt. Possibly.


Here's what happens...

Now, this all seems like a cute little idea, right?  But apparently this has been going on all over the US, and there has been an added part of wearing a paper bag over your head and ringing the doorbell.  I'm guessing this is because of Ring Doorbells.  You can see who is at your door now.  So, people want to remain anonymous.  But what if you got someone's house who was super paranoid and saw someone dropping something off at a door and ringing the doorbell?  Somehow I could see some people not reacting well to this practice.  It could be person recorded it happening.  See that here.

It's all meant in good fun... but it could be a little weird.