We all love the word FREE. And face it, we central Minnesotans are a thrifty bunch. We're always looking for a deal...so this is perfect! From the Explore Minnesota website, here are 18 free things to do in our awesome state. I picked out a few that I recommend.

Munsinger Gardens
Most people around St Cloud have been here. If you haven't you either just moved here, you're not a fan of gardens or you just never go outside. You should at some point check it out. The time of year you go factors into what you see. Because it's a garden, flowers bloom at different times. So I recommend going midsummer to see the beauty of it all.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Until this summer, I've only been there one time and it was like 25 years ago. A lot has been added since. There is some pretty cool art there. There is also some "WTF" art. Things that I don't get. But as I told my kids, art is personal. It's a "what do YOU see and what does it say to YOU?" type of thing. A must do...get pics by the Spoonbridge and the Giant Blue Rooster.

Como Zoo/McNeely Conservatory

This is a big one for me. First off, the zoo is free but donations are always accepted and that helps the major renovations they're doing to it. The new sea lion exhibit opens next year, which I'm excited about because it as been my favorite part of the zoo since I was a small child. The history behind the zoo is really interesting. Also, the conservatory is beautiful. Plus my wife and I got married there so it holds a special place in my heart.

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