We all know that person who tried to use smart sounding phrases, and they totally say it wrong. Can we please band together here in St. Cloud and please get these right if you're going to say them?

Just for the record (which could be considered another one), I'd like to say that most of us say each one of these wrong, especially the "jive" one. So don't feel too stupid when you realize every time you've said any of these, its been incorrectly said...

For all intensive purposes

The correct way to say it is, "For all intents AND purposes". Intents -- as in intentions.

I could care less

It should be "I COULDN'T care less". If you COULD care less, that means you DO care about something. If you couldn't, then you don't care at all.

One in the same

This should be "one AND the same". It's a minor difference, and you might be able to get away with it.  But technically, "one IN the same" is wrong. I've never said this phrase anyways.

Tongue and cheek

It should be "tongue IN cheek". It's literally describing a facial expression people make when they're joking.  Like if you were trying not to laugh and pushed the side of your cheek out with your tongue.

Jive with

Finally, this should be "JIBE with". Jibe means to be in agreement with something. Jive is a type of dance, or a way of speaking.

Since St. Cloud is a university town and there are thousands of millennials out and about daily around here, you'd think we wouldn't have an issue with these common phrases. Do you know anybody who gets any of these wrong all the time? Maybe you?

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