Yesterday I gave you some phrases that I hear all the time around St. Cloud that are said incorrectly. If you think those were bad, these are even more annoying!

Most of us say these phrases wrong, but of course we all know that 1 person who just sounds dumb when they say them wrong! Here's a few more to really get under your skin...

It's a mute point

Should be "it's a MOOT point"...spelled M-O-O-T.  Obviously "mute" means to silence something. The word "moot" means something that's insignificant.


Should be "deep-SEATED."  It means something buried deeply within an existing structure. Most people won't call you out on it. But "deep-SEEDED" should only be used if you're talking about March Madness teams or gardening.

Should of

It's supposed to be "should HAVE". People get it confused because the contraction "should've" sounds like "should OF." So it's another one that really just matters when you write it.

It's a doggie dog world

Should be "dog-EAT-dog" world. A "doggie dog" world sounds cute. A "dog-EAT-dog" world describes a ruthless place, where dogs are so desperate they'd eat each other if necessary.

If you have any more that I haven't listed, go ahead and get on your soap box and comment!

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